Environmentally-friendly roofing is quickly becoming a major housing trend, and there are a number of options which can help reduce your energy use, cut your maintenance needs, and are made of natural and sustainable materials.  The terra cotta tile falls into this category.


Terra cotta tile roofs are one of the oldest roofing constructions.  They are very popular all over Europe as well as areas such as Florida and California.  You may have seen them around the Twin Cities on some historic homes.  One benefit, in addition to being a "green" roofing material is that terra cotta tiles are highly fire-resistant.  But this type of a roof also has its downsides.  They are generally fairly expensive, and installation is a very specialized process.  It's not a type of roof handled by regular roofing contractors, so if you're considering a tile roof, seek out the advice of a roofer who is experienced in tile installation.

To help you do your homework, we found a helpful article on the pros and cons of terra cotta tile roofs.  Read this first, and then if you have questions about whether this would be a good roofing solution for your home, please give us a call.  We can also suggest other green roofing solutions.