The New Year brings with it the desire to get going with that remodeling project you’ve wanted to tackle. However, you can start out with these inexpensive, but very useful organization projects to get yourself prepared for the bigger goals.

Closets To manage the mess in your closet, you can purchase organization systems for under $200, or build your own for less. Usually, it only takes an afternoon to take care of. Shower By installing water resistant cabinet knobs in your shower wall, there’s more space for additional caddies to hold more toiletries. After you select your knob, drill a ¼ inch hole and get the plastic anchor in place, add the 8-32 hanger screw and put the knob in place. Electrical Junction Boxes These handy little boxes run between 75 cents and $3, but can store all sorts of things. They can be nailed or screwed into any wall and hold things that won’t hang from hooks, like small cans of paint and tape. Cabinets Lower cabinets offer a lot of storage space, which often goes to waste because it can be hard to access. However, by installing roll out shelves, that problem is solved, and organizing them is far easier. Curling Irons You can easily stow curling irons with the help of PVC piping. First, measure your curling irons to find out how long you need to cut the pipes, and then attach the pipes to the inside of your vanity door with hook-and-loop tape. For the irons, use 2 inch diameter pipes, and the cords 1 ½ inch pipes work well. Remember to let the irons cool before putting them away. Unfinished Walls and Ceilings If you have unfinished space in your home, you can convert that into storage with the help of some 1x4s and inexpensive shelf hardware. Add wire shelving to your unfinished ceiling into storage as well. Closet Brackets Although these brackets are most often used in closets, they’re also handy in the garage or workshop. By bending the arms, you can give your cords a perfect home, and store tools in an easy to reach, but out of the way spot. These brackets usually cost around $3 in your local hardware store.