Are you noticing more drafts around the home, or are you simply interested in saving money on your monthly energy bills? Your windows may be the problem, but how do you know when it’s time to replace them?

Generally, if your house was built 15 or more years ago, odds are, it’s time to look at window replacement options. All things age, and just like roofing shingles, washing machines and refrigerators, your windows begin weakening over the years as well.  In addition, window technology is rapidly improving, and today's replacement windows are far more energy-efficient than older models.

Signs to Replace the Windows There are other important signs pointing towards the need to replace your windows.
  • Sticking If your windows stick when you’re trying to open or close them, they need to be replaced. Not only do smoothly opening and closing windows allow air to circulate freely, it becomes an issue of safety, as well. Pinched fingers are no fun when the window comes down unexpectedly.
  • Moisture on the Inside When beads of moisture start showing up on the inside of the window, which means there’s a leak. These leaks allow valuable heat to escape in the winter, and cool air in the summer.The moisture can also signal pending water damage, as well.
Where to Go For Help If you need more help determining if you need new windows, trusted replacement window and door contractors are available to offer you advice and help in selecting the right windows for your needs.

They’ll be able to help you select windows which will conserve far more energy than your old ones have been, through better insulated frames and new glass technology. They can also explain the benefits of low-e windows and different types, like double hung or sliding windows.

You don’t need to tolerate the discomfort and higher energy bills brought on by old windows. With the help of knowledgeable professionals with your best interests at heart, the process of replacing your windows doesn’t need to be a difficult one.