Considering the environment is important in all aspects of home ownership, and it's one of the reasons we are committed to green remodeling products and practices.  In addition to green building, recycling and composting can contribute to environmental preservation.  Many people already compost their kitchen waste, but what about your trash? This article highlights a company by the name of Recircle Brands has invented and patented a biodegradable trash bag. The system is called BagUps.zz10jdfksl Eco-friendly The system as a whole is extremely eco-friendly.
  • The cardboard packaging the system comes in is recyclable.
  • The bags break down within about 24 to 36 months.
  • Because each bag is connected to the next, material is saved in the manufacturing process. It also prevents unintentionally wasted bags, and saves you money.
The small business is also dedicated to reducing local unemployment through hiring veterans and disabled individuals.

This company is dedicated to bettering life through conserving the environment offering employment opportunities and savings for the consumer.

Choosing energy-efficient windows or doors is important to conserving energy, but you can keep lightening your footprint on the environment with more earth-friendly garbage options.