The year 2012 brought with it a lot of change. One of those changes was to the energy codes for new constrution. According to this article, two tests are now required:

  • Pressure testing for ducts to detect leaks
  • Blower door tests
Although these tests guarantee proper insulation, they can have a negative impact on scheduling. They need to be done before the drywall is installed, and if there’s a delay in testing the drywall installation will in turn be delayed. Why is this important? These steps are important because although there have been changes in the code dictating the installation of air barriers and tightened ductwork, this type of quality assurance was never required.

The  tests ensure that the insulation on all new buildings is adequate to keep the home comfortable and energy-efficient. However, finding a certified third-party may be a challenge, due to a lack of a national database.

If you are working on a green remodel for your home or want to build a new house, certified inspectors by EnergyStar have been known to perform this testing in the past.