Keeping your home's market value up is critical these days, as home values plummeted during the housing bust, and while the industry is recovering, gains are slow.  There are lots of homes on the market, and protecting your investment should be near the top of your financial management list.

new window

Real estate professionals all seem to agree that when it comes to home improvements, exterior remodeling outperforms interior remodeling, for the simple fact that buyers won't go any further than the curb if they don't like what they see when they drive up.  So it's just plain prudent to make sure that your home's exterior - especially the side the faces the street - is as up-to-date and attractive as possible.  A second consideration is to replace any features requiring a lot of upkeep with low- or no-maintenance options.  For instance, changing out those old drafty wood windows which need yearly re-caulking and periodic painting or staining for energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows is an improvement that really pays off.

If you need more ideas, has a list of 101 improvements - inside and out - which deliver well in terms of home value.  The first section is all exterior, and roofing repair or replacement is at the top of the list.