Whether you’re remodeling a home or building one from scratch, safety is always a priority. Mike Holmes writes about how important coated lumber is in his article here.  Although this type of wood isn’t required in most building codes, it’s still an important way of making a home that much safer.

Why Is Coated Lumber a Good Choice?

The coating covering the wood is designed to make it resistant to quite a few damaging factors, including termites, fire, mold and moisture.This is important, because any of these things could cause structural instability and health hazards. In the case of fire, the special coating expands when exposed to heat, allowing the family a little more time to escape.

Mike also discusses which situations call for different kinds of coatings and the importance of wood quality as well. Before purchasing materials for your remodeling project, take a look at the benefits of this enhanced lumber.  If you're hiring a remodeling contractor to handle a home improvement project for you, ask about the availability of coated lumber.

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