Doing the laundry isn’t a favorite chore for most people, but it’s necessary for comfortable living. If your dryer isn’t set up properly, it can be a huge fire hazard.

Laurie March outlines some useful and easy tips about how to tell if your dryer isn’t working right and what to do about it in her blog post.

Why Dryer Health Matters Although using the dryer is a simple matter, making sure to change the lint and keep the duct clear are important for various reasons.
  • Save Time Keeping your dryer in good working order will cut drying time down dramatically.
  • Save Money When you don’t need to dry clothing for as long, your energy usage will go down. When energy usage goes down, you save money on monthly bills. Those dollars can add up and be put toward those new windows you may want to install.
  • Fire Safety Malfunctioning dryers can cause frightening house fires. By maintaining them well, you can prevent these unfortunate outcomes.
By following the simple tips in Laurie’s article, you can enjoy the advantages of a well functioning appliance and a safe home. At Quarve Contracting we're committed to helping Twin Cities homeowners protect the investment they've made in their homes, as well as making those homes a safe place for those who live there.  While we don't install dryers and other appliances, your safety is important to us, and we're glad to pass along tips like these.