Roofing technology has become more advanced in recent years. There are quite a few materials available, but metal roofs are more versatile today than ever before.

Noise Although older metal roofs have a reputation for being noisy when the rain comes, when installed following manufacturer's specifications, newer models conduct no more noise than asphalt alternatives. Light This type of material is lighter than one might think. A metal roof can be installed right over the existing asphalt without causing damage to the house. This is a good money saver, because the crew won’t need to take the time to rip off the old surface to install the new one. Style Metal roofing is available in styles which look just like traditional designs, like shake, shingle and slate. Many colors are available to enhance the look of the rest of the house as well. Toughness Metal roofs are resistant to hail damage and won’t lift when high winds are hitting them. They’re also fire resistant, which adds an extra layer of safety to your home. Saved Money Installing a metal roof may cost more up front, but it will pay for itself with time. Because metal roofs substantially reduce heat loss or gain throughout the year, you’ll start seeing lower energy bills on a monthly basis.Their durability ensures that you won’t need to replace them again, and their maintenance is dramatically cut down. Be sure to check with your insurance company about any discounts they may offer for having this type of roof. Eco-Friendly The reduction of energy usage is environmentally friendly. Many roofs are also made out of recycled material, and those that aren’t already use materials that occur in the natural world. This cuts down on the manufacturing process in and of itself.

Because the previous roof doesn’t need to be torn off, you’re also cutting down on what goes to the landfill, as well.

Kassel & Irons, Arrowline, and Metro Metal are all brands which offer a wide variety of style to go with the eco-friendly toughness that metal roofs have.  Quarve Contracting is proud to be a partner with Kassel & Irons in the Twin Cities area.