If you have a mortgage, you probably felt the sting of the market crash. Recently, there’s been talk about a recovery taking place. This article on Bob Vila’s web page gives us a rundown of what’s preventing home values from bouncing back completely.

What’s In Store? The figures aren’t as encouraging as most of us had hoped. Values dropped by 30% since 2006, but the most optimistic growth figure is only at 5.9%. What Does It Mean? If you’re currently a homeowner looking to sell, you may be in for some confusion. Because the drop was so dramatic, regulations have changed, and federal mortgage deductions are still up in the air.

It won’t hurt to do a little energy-efficiency remodeling, because if you’re planning on waiting for rates to improve more, you may as well improve your home’s equity while saving money on bills. With the information we have now, will trends improve enough to profit on the market place?