French doors are romantic and can offer a majestic entry way as well as making a house feel like something out of a movie. However, they can also be an impractical addition to the home, if they’re not manufactured to a high enough standard.  So, how can you tell if the door you’re looking at will meet your requirements?

Performance Grade One way to tell if a French door is well made is to check to see if it’s rated PG, or Performance Grade.

Generally, French doors are prone to being drafty and allowing water in. They’re also known to be easy to force your way into, which is always a distressing thought. These factors often make them an option that gets passed over.

However, doors with a PG rating are tested to make sure that they won’t succumb to any of these problems. Each model must go through a series of tests to measure their energy efficiency, water seal and strength against force. Only those doors that perform to a certain, high level in all categories get this rating.

Door Recommendation One of the best French doors available comes from Andersen. The Andersen French Wood door can withstand wind speeds up to 120 mph without any rain getting through them. It also boasts a very secure multi-point lock to keep intruders out.

Despite its name, it’s actually made out of vinyl cladding. This type of material offers great insulation, while staying very low maintenance. It’s also very tough, which means it won’t need replacement for quite a while.

Appearance is important, but what lies past the surface is just as important. When your final purchase has a PG rating, you’ll enjoy security and savings on your monthly bills. While you’re shopping for your new patio door, don’t forget to ask about those ratings.

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