Now that warm weather is coming, upgrading to a new roof might be at the top of your to-do list. Before you spring for a traditional asphalt roof, take a look at what metal roofing has to offer.  Attractive and Tough Although the metal image metal roofing may offer you, you can find it in almost any style. Modern technology has made it possible for metal roofs to look like traditional tile, asphalt or shale. It’s also available in a wide range of colors.

In addition to looking good, it’s also extremely tough. It stands up to nasty hail and spring storms unlike many other materials. While it’s possible for wind to damage an asphalt roof by lifting tiles, metal is also extremely resistant to this form of damage.

For all of its strength, it’s surprisingly light. Weighing in at one-third the weight of asphalt and 1/20th of clay, it won’t put the same pressure on your foundation as more traditional options.

Cost Efficiency Although installing a metal roof may cost more up front, it more than pays itself off. That may change soon, too, since the cost of asphalt is rising due to increasing gas price. 
  • Because it lasts upwards of 50 years, you won’t need to replace it.
  • You may qualify for a tax credit because of its energy sufficiency.
  • Air conditioning usage will go down in stifling Minnesota summers, because it reflects heat.
  • Home equity will increase. In some cases, it goes up as much as $1.45 per square foot.
  • Check with your agent for possible insurance discounts.
As time passes, more homeowners see the value it can add to their homes and more comfort to their lives. These are only a few of the reasons why so many people are opting to install metal roofs.  If you have questions about metal roofing and whether it might be right for your home, please give us a call.