As environmentally-conscious home improvement professionals, we believe in using products and techniques that are ecologically friendly. On practice we endorse is recycling building materials to reduce any impact on the environment.  Most used materials can be either recycled or reused.  Roof Before your new roof is put on, the old one must be removed. Instead of throwing the asphalt shingles away, bring them to a recycling center. Those same tiles can be melted down and used to build new roads.  Paint Adding a new coat of paint to a room is one of the most common do it yourself projects. Because it’s always safer to purchase more paint than you think you need, there is usually at least a little left over. This excess paint should be brought to your local hazardous household waste center. The Minnesota state web page or your county web page should have a listing of centers closest to you.  Carpet Although carpet needs unique treatment, it can still be recycled. Because it has two sides, the backing and the fiber, it must be disposed of by a specialist. An organization by the name of Carpet America Recovery Effort, or CARE, can help you find local recycling centers which can help you out. Bricks and Pavers Some of the most durable materials used in landscaping projects are bricks and pavers. These can be used over and over again, so if you plan on doing more work, save them for future projects.  However, if you have no use for them, they can also be donated to organizations like Habitat For Humanity. Donation If you’re wondering what to do with old doors, windows, fixtures or working appliances, consider donating them to an organization like Habitat For Humanity, as well. If they can’t be used in building or renovating homes for the less fortunate, they will be sold to cover operation expenses. In addition to these ideas, keep looking for other ways to recycle or reuse old materials from your home improvement projects. You’ll feel better by helping the environment and may save yourself money on material costs down the line.  Recyclability is just one of the benefits of choosing green building products such as metal roofing and steel siding.