Replacing siding is one of the most popular exterior home improvements, especially with low- maintenance options such as steel.  When we think of steel siding, the first image that usually comes to mind is that of either a mass storage facility or a small-town repair shop. What gets missed is the fact that homeowners can benefit from this type of siding, too.  Appearance Although the first mental picture isn’t very flattering, the fact is that residential steel siding is available in many textures and colors. When it’s installed correctly, there are no seems to mar the appearance of the house, either.  It cuts down moisture risk more than other options, while maintaining the appearance of more traditional siding. Weather Resistant This type of siding is also extremely resistant to the elements. Hailstones that would dent traditional siding wouldn’t leave a mark in steel, and high winds won’t pull it back, either.  Scratches in the paint may open the steel up to corrosion over time, but scratches are easy to mend, especially when you spot them shortly after they appeared. Environmentally Friendly Unlike most other materials, steel is also extremely environmentally friendly. Most siding is made out of recycled metal, which continues the process of reuse.  When it’s time to get it replaced, steel siding can be put right back into the recycling process, dramatically cutting down on load put in a landfill. Low Maintenance Because steel is so tough, it doesn’t need to be replaced or mended very often. The most you would need to do is wash it down from time to time with a garden hose and take care of the rare scratch. That saves you quite a bit of money and energy which would have otherwise gone to seasonal caulking and maintenance. When you combine its durability with the aesthetics available today, you can see the value steel siding could add to your home.  As a home remodeler committed to green home improvements, we're proud to install seamless steel siding in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.