Change is a part of life, and sometimes, your living situation must accommodate that change. In today’s economy, sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether to do a renovation on your existing home or to pick up and move elsewhere.  There are some distinct issues that you’ll need to consider before making your choice.

Neighborhood One of the most important things to think about is how comfortable you are with your neighborhood. If the schools are great and you’ve already set roots down, renovation may be a smart move. Can’t Replace Your Current Home If there’s something about your current house that you can’t replace, like unique design, history or emotional attachment, you may want to consider an expansion or a renovating instead of leaving. Cost Money is always an issue in the decision. Renovation in and of itself comes with a plethora of expenses, but don’t forget the potential cost of temporary living arrangements, as well.

If your renovations won’t pay off as well as moving will, you’ll need to take that factor into account.

Strong Foundation The physical state that the house is in must always be considered when you’re thinking about renovating. If there are visible cracks in your foundation or uneven floors, have a professional come in to help you assess what the best choice is. Zoning Restrictions Laws change over the years, but older homes may not conform to the newer ones. If you’re going the remodel route, always check your zoning regulations to be sure everything is as safe and functional as possible. Individual Experience Don’t forget to think about how you’ll handle the stress of making all of those decisions. You’ll want to make the experience of renovation as enjoyable as possible, since you’re designing your own home. If this is your first time, asking a professional for guidance can save you a lot of frustration and money in the long run.