Although insulation is usually only thought of in the winter, it’s just as important in the summer to keep your house cool. This article by Cheryl Cullen explains why it’s just as important in the warm weather Minnesota summers bring as it is in the winter.

Heating Costs We all know that the fact heat rises is why it’s important to keep your attic well insulated in the winter; under-insulation one of the biggest reasons why air conditioners work overtime in the summer. Insufficient insulation actually raises a home’s temperature in the summer months.  In addition, an overly warm attic can cause an asphalt roof to fail prematurely.  The heat gets transferred from the attic to the roof.  If you notice your shingles are curled, insufficient attic insulation could be the culprit - consult a professional roofer to be sure.

Another reason to look at including better insulation as part of your green remodel is that it’s eligible for the energy tax credit active under the American Recovery and Reinvestment act. That’s up to $1500 you might qualify for.

Learning more about better insulation is the first step towards all those savings and a more comfortable home, as well as protecting the investment you've made in your home and its roof.