Although US Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s suggestion of painting your roof white may save you money in the summer, it won’t do you any favors in the winter or in terms of curb appeal. Instead of getting out the paint, see what installing a heat reflective metal roof can do for you.

Year-Round Energy Savings Unlike simply painting the roof a lighter color, the right type of metal roof will save you money on energy bills all year round. An air ventilation gap paired with the metal will help keep the heat in your home over cold Minnesota winters.

Although one option is to install a lighter grey asphalt roof, reflective metal roofing saves 25% more in cooling costs. When it’s paired with a ventilation gap above the sheathing, that translates into 45% less heat gained during the summer.

Curb Appeal As mentioned before, a white roof can take away from a home’s curb appeal and be a real eyesore for the neighbors.

Metal roofing is available in styles which look exactly like traditional asphalt options and a broad range of colors. When selecting the shade you’d like, you’re sure to find one that goes along beautifully with the siding of your house.

Long-Term Savings Although a metal roof costs much more to install than the paint and brushes, it makes up for the initial expense over time. Energy savings build up with surprising speed, and you more than likely won’t need to replace the roof, unlike an asphalt roof.  Your insurance company might also offer you a discount for buying a new metal roof instead of painting the one you already have, since metal roofs are noncombustible, which makes them highly fire-resistant.

Although giving your roof a makeover in white may be less expensive, plus it might save you a little money in the summer, a metal roof is more practical in terms of energy efficiency and increased equity.

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