As home remodeling professionals who strongly stand by the value of making your home as green and energy efficient as possible, we know the value of making houses as eco-friendly as possible. According to this article posted by US News, more home buyers share that concern, as well.

my8k10Why to Upgrade In Minnesota, we’re subjected to huge extremes in temperature, but we also have a great deal of love for our classic homes. Upgrading to Energy Star-rated fixtures, like installing new windows and doors for example, will help us continue to enjoy those charming residences in the following ways:
  • Sharper competitive edge when the time comes to sell
  • Eligibility for tax credits
  • Lower monthly bills
Beyond those advantages, it also feels good to know we’re protecting the Earth we live on as we go about our daily lives. Between the statistics mentioned in the article linked above and these compelling reasons, what’s not to love about increasing your home’s energy efficiency?