Choosing a new roof is a big decision,for any homeowner, but springing for a metal roof can be intimidating, if you don’t know how you’ll benefit. We realize the price of metal roofing is higher up front than other options, but the advantage it offers makes it well worth the expense.

Perks of Installing a Metal Roof Although the average cost of a metal roof is in the neighborhood of $38,022, that price tag buys you some of the longest warranty available, many of them lasting for 50 years. Odds are, you’ll never need to replace your metal roof again, but if you do, the warranty will cover it.

In addition to its durability and long life, metal roofing is available in a wide range of colors, from evergreen, grey and blue to tan. If you like the look of traditional metal roofing, it also comes in a variety of finishes. However, metal roofing can also look exactly like tile or shale instead. This versatility provides every homeowner with a broad range of looks to pick from.

Finding a Metal Roof Contractor Installing a metal roof takes very specialized skills to get it right, so you’ll want a competent professional to install yours. The best way to know whether you’ve found the right contractor is to see what their history is like. When you’re looking for a reputable roofing contractor, keep in mind that they should have a great deal of experience in installing metal roofs. They should also have proof of certification, positive customer feedback and a gallery of their past work available for you to take a look at before signing anything. Once you find the right contractor, pick out the perfect roof and have it installed, you’ll be able to enjoy the extra security a metal roof offers and a boost in your home’s equity.  Quarve Contracting is proud to be the exclusive Twin Cities area contractor for Kassel & Irons steel roofing.  Visit our home page for a video message from the Kassel & Irons company president.