sidingmap0520You'll notice this map has lots of blue points on it.  That's because Quarve Contracting has lots of satisfied steel siding customers, and each one of these blue flags is an address you can drive by and check out for yourself how beautiful seamless steel siding can be.  Most of these projects are located right in the Twin Cities, though you'll see that we cover a wide area - from Cambridge to New Prague.  If you live in the main metro area, chances are that one of these blue points is very close to your home. Check out our Google map and you'll get a list of addresses of these projects, alone with the type and color of siding installed.  You'll see we've installed siding in a variety of styles - 4" Dutch lap, 8", and vertical, among others.  If you're trying to picture your home with new siding and you have a color in mind, go down the list and find a home or two nearby; then take a drive.  You can even get driving directions right from this map site.  How much more convenient could we have made it?

4" with Shake Accent 4" with Shake Accent - courtesy of US Seamless

The reason we're making it so easy for you to get to our projects is we want you to see for yourself what seamless steel siding looks like once it's installed.  Many homeowners associate steel siding with farms and pole barns, but modern steel siding is anything but industrial-looking. In fact, even up close you'd swear it was real wood unless you touch it.  Yes, it's got the beauty of natural wood siding, but it's virtually maintenance-free.  Imagine no more painting or staining, no wood rot, no insect or rodent damage - just beautiful, durable, lasting protection for your home.

U.S. Seamless siding comes in classic solids, wood grain, and log cabin profiles, as well as shake and shingle accent panels.   And siding, trim, and soffit and fascia products are available in many colors, as you can see from our project list. Shown at left here is a home with 4" classic solid siding and shake accent siding on the gable ends.

If you're planning on re-siding your home this year, may we suggest you take a drive first?  Go by some of the homes listed on our map and take a look at what steel siding actually looks like when it's installed.  Seamless steel siding makes good sense for Minnesota's sometimes-harsh climate, and its durability and fire-resistance makes good financial and protective sense as well.  Don't take our word for it, don't rely on internet or catalog pictures, and by all means don't let that old farm-barn association stop you from considering the hottest trend in residential siding products.   If you see something you like, please give us a call and we'll be happy to schedule a no-obligation estimate for your home.