my16a1If your home is over 32 years old, you may be thinking about upgrading to be part of a greener lifestyle. Whether you want to save money or simply leave a smaller carbon footprint, there are many great reasons for taking part in a green remodel that you may not know about. Philosophy A good environmentally friendly remodeling project is based on the following four basic principles:
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Improving the indoor air quality
  • Material durability
  • Efficient use of resources
When these four points are used in planning a remodel, your contractor is using what’s known as building science. This type of planning saves money from the get go and ensures a quality finished product. Global and Local Issue Green remodeling supports the Minneapolis economy, because the majority of materials and labor can be locally provided. Once the project is finished, you’re left with more money to spend after monthly bills are paid as well. Before the remodel is completed, more money enters the global market place in the form of fuel bills in energy, natural gas and oil costs. This works to weaken local economies as well as draining your bank account. Indoor Health The majority of our time is spent indoors, even when weather warms up. Unfortunately, indoor air quality is overlooked, although it’s the main contributing factor to increased levels of asthma and allergies. Thanks to improved materials, methods and technology, green remodels improve air quality. This means that the frequency as well as severity of allergy and asthma attacks decreases. Even if you don’t suffer from either of these problems, you may notice increased energy levels and fewer colds.

The combination of lower monthly bills and easier breathing both work to lower stress levels, which also contribute to our overall health.

Quarve Contracting, Inc. provides  exterior green remodeling solutions such as steel roofing and siding and fiber cement siding.