Now that warmer weather has finally hit Minnesota, it’s time to get the exterior of your home as clean as the interior. These reminders will help you get ready for summer barbeques and lazy afternoons spent outside with the family.

Clean Out the Gutters Cleaning top to bottom applies everywhere, even outdoors. Getting rid of winter debris helps keep your house looking clean and can prevent damage to your roof.  For detailed gutter cleaning instructions, see our earlier post. Wash Your Siding Cleaning siding makes your home look years younger. Vinyl siding can be cleaned with a pressure washer on its lowest setting, and if you have wood siding, use a soft bristled brush with soap. For steel siding, give it a rinse with the garden hose and look for any nicks in the paint in case touch ups are needed. Polish Those Windows Don’t forget your windows! They’re as important to the exterior of your home as the siding and gutters. A simple hot water and vinegar solution will get rid of the grime built up over winter months without harming the environment. Plus, you’ll enjoy more natural light inside, and a better view. Remember the Deck You can use a pressure washer on your deck, too. Gently spray stains away with a 25 degree nozzle, or mix four parts water with one part bleach and use a stiff broom to scrub dirt away. It’s a good idea to wear non-slip shoes as you’re doing this, since the deck can get slippery. Tidy the Garden While you’re working outside, weed the garden and till your soil for that vegetable garden. This might be a good opportunity to look at things like compost bins and rainwater barrels, as well.

Getting the outside of your home clean may seem like a daunting task, but once you’re done, the feeling will be worth it.