Now that you’ve made the decision to get a new roof, we’d like to share some terms with you that you should know before you sit down with your Minnesota roofing contractor.

Roof System Components Every new roof requires each of the following characteristics to work properly. Drainage – For maximum efficiency in water drainage, the shape, slope and layout of your roof must be established. Flashing – This is metal that’s installed into valleys, joints and peaks in your roof which protects against water leakage. Roof Coverings – These are your shingles, metal, tile and protective underlayment. Roofing Terms In addition to the basics addressed above, there are a number of roofing terms you’ll find useful during your initial roofing consultation. Architectural Shingles – Special laminated fiberglass or asphalt shingles which are textured to offer a unique 3D look. Closed Valley – Valleys where shingles are installed over the metal flashing. Collar – Area where flange seals the roof around stack-type vents. Dormer – The small, decorative structures which stick out from a sloped roof, over windows, are called dormers. Eave – Lower horizontal edges of some roofs which overhang exterior walls. Fascia – Vertical trim which covers rafter tails just under the roof. Ice Dam – This is what happens during the repeated freeze/thaw cycles in early spring and late winter which cause ice to form over the lower edge of the roof. Ice and Water Shield – This membrane prevents ice dams, because it’s impenetrable to water and is self-healing. Roofing Square – This refers to 100 square feet of roofing material. Roof Ventilation – System which removes hot air and moisture from attic area.

Although a quality roof installation is a complex process, knowing these terms will let you take more away from the initial consultation and help you better understand the process.  If you have questions about roofing, please give us a call.

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