While we specialize in exterior remodeling, we realize that many of our customers and followers have questions about other areas of home improvement.  With the weather warming up, some of you may be thinking about adding an air conditioner.  When summer arrives, air conditioners get turned on, and if you don’t already have one, you wish you did. Whether you’re remodeling your home or updating your existing unit, we’re sure these pointers will help you choose the perfect unit for your needs.

Size Matters Before you hit the stores, think about the space that you’ll be cooling. Room size is very important, but so is the number of windows in the space, how many people will occupy it, the insulation rating and what other appliances will be run. These factors will all determine the size and power you’ll need in your new unit. Getting the right size is vital, because if the unit is too small, you won’t get the right amount of cooling. If it’s too big, you’ll pay more without getting the benefit of proper humidity control during the muggy Minnesota summers. Energy Usage An air conditioner’s power is measured in BTUs. Generally, the smaller the unit, the fewer BTUs it will put out. For instance, a window unit may only put out about 3,000 BTUs, but if you go a size up to a wall mounted unit, you’re looking at up to 20,000 BTUs.

Like all appliances, air conditioners have their own energy rating system. The Energy Efficiency Rating, or EER, measures the ratio between how many BTUs a unit puts out and how much electric wattage it needs to operate correctly. In addition to size, look for a unit that generates the fewest BTUs necessary to work well and the highest EEG rating.

Since air conditioning units are in high demand during the summer months, buying one during the spring or fall will save you the most money on the initial purchase. Combined with energy-efficient windows and doors, a properly functioning AC will give you a cool escape from hot summer days.

While we don't install air conditioning units, we can help with other home improvement services to keep your home more comfortable in the summer months.  Contact us about energy-efficient roofing, siding, windows, and exterior doors for St. Paul and Minneapolis area homes and businesses.