An important part of the process of getting a new roof isn’t in choosing which material to use or the contractor to go with.  The often-overlooked part deals with your new investment’s warranty. There are three types commonly used in Minnesota.

Material Warranties Although all types of materials are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, the duration depends on the company who installed them and the type of material, regardless of if the roof is steel, tile or asphalt. Don’t let the contractor start work until all of your questions are answered, so you fully understand the coverage offered. System Warranties This type of guarantee offers the best protection, because it covers all parts of the roof system. Because it’s so comprehensive, your roof will have more coverage than only the warranty given by the manufacturer for materials. Workmanship Warranties The third variety of protection covers the installation itself. Workmanship warranties deal with the quality of labor put in during the installation process and ensures the company will be available to deal with any problem you may have with your new roof, regardless of the cause.  Some roofing companies offer this type of warranty in addition to the manufacturer's product warranty.

One type of warranty to avoid if at all possible is the pro-rated variety. When a warranty is pro-rated, it’s likely there are strings attached and hidden conditions to hunt out of the fine print. If you get a non-prorated warranty, the company will be held responsible for possible defects in your new roof, whether it’s labor related or not.

Being protected financially against defects in materials, the overall roof system or labor can save you a great deal of money if something happens to go wrong with your new roof. Being as educated as possible will help you make the smartest choice in selecting a what type of new roof you’d like and who will install it.

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