Spring cleaning is usually done every year by almost every homeowner. Everyone does the inside of the home and even the backyard, but a lot of people fail to do the roof.  Your roof needs to have a dedicated cleaning day all its own. You may think about cleaning the living room or emptying out those closets, but you probably fail to realize that the roof is one place that you do not want to forget, since this is one of the biggest parts of the home. The roof is somewhere that is constantly open to blowing debris and weather that might not be so nice. A lot of times this weather condition can cause shingles and other parts of the roof to be worn out or damaged. These areas are more prone to leaks due to the fact that they are damaged, and this is not something that you want to happen. Give your roof the attention it deserves now if you forgot to clean it during spring cleaning.

Reviewing Your Roof Minus the Ladder
  • Use binoculars to make sure that you do not notice any damage on the roof, around the chimney, trim, or flashing. If you see damage to the shingles, flashing, roof, or trim then you're going to want to have that repaired.  If you do note damaged areas, arranging for a roof inspection before you do any work is a good idea.
  • You should look for small black areas that show damage on a roof that has shingles made of asphalt.
  • Look inside at your ceilings to see if there are discoloration spots, since this can be an indication of water damage from the outside in.
  • On slate roofs, check for black areas which might indicate missing or cracked slate.
  • In the roof valleys, you can easily see if there is wear and tear just by looking up. This is where the water runs from the roof straight into the gutters around the home.
  • Check for any gaps, missing parts, cracks, or fractured areas throughout the roof where the chimney, flashing, and vent pipes are.
  • Check all of the overhangs on the roof for damage or build up that needs to be removed.
  • Look for curling, broken, split, or missing shingles or tiles on roofs that have tiles or shingles.
If you're not ready to do roof spring cleaning just yet but you have issues that you need to resolve on your roof, contact an experienced MN roofing contractor like Quarve Contracting to give you a good idea as to the shape of your roof, and the repairs required to protect your home.