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One of the most commonly-used materials when it comes to siding is steel.  This may surprise you.  If you've thought only of steel siding in connection with barns and storage buildings, you should know that it is growing extremely p0pular as a residential siding choice.  This is due to the fact that it comes with low maintenance and is very durable. It is able to withstand severe weather, as well as other elements that might come along.

Builders, architects, and contractors are choosing steel siding because it can be shaped to fit an existing property. Just like any other type of siding, steel siding does an occasional cleaning, but it is very low maintenance compared to the others choices such as wood or vinyl. You might not know this, but steel siding is also able to prevent rusting, chipping, rotting, and even flaking, unlike other types of siding. It  is also able to resist water and fire  that would otherwise be a problem.

Think Steel Siding Is Boring?  Time for Another Look

Perhaps it's time for a second look, since you can get this steel siding in many different patterns, styles, and colors to give your home a better look. There are also different options you can choose from such as seamless siding from steel. This option is a custom one and it might cost a little more but what makes it so unique is the fact that it is not overlapping or pieced together like other steel siding, but it is over the whole home as one piece. The steel is cut to meet the exact dimensions of your home to reduce the risk of gaps or visible joint areas. Without having gaps, your home is better covered and you do not have to worry about rotting or other things happening underneath the covering.

Technology Advancements in Steel Siding

In the past, it was necessary to paint steel siding but with technological advances, you can get steel siding that is permanently color-coated and not have to worry about ever painting. The color layer won't be eaten away by the weather, and it is durable and tough. Steel siding is a more expensive choice of siding up front, but it pays off in the long run.  It's recyclable, so there's no landfill-clogging waste.   It is weather-, water-, and fire-proof, and there is no worry of rusting ,which means it last a lot longer than other options. There will be no mold, bugs, or mildew that might harm your family or your home. Regulate the temperature in your home by using this type of siding as well, which will give you a return in your energy bill.

Since steel siding is such a popular choice, perhaps it's time to find out more about why so many homeowners in Minneapolis are choosing to protect their homes with steel siding.  You, too can have long-lasting siding without a lot of upkeep.  Quarve Contracting specializes in installation of steel siding in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.  Call us to find out how it might work for your home.