Whether you’re going to stay in your Minneapolis home for years to come or are ready to sell now, deciding on which remodeling projects should have priority can be a difficult task. Things like replacing siding and windows are good options to select.

Higher Home Value When you replace your siding, generally you’re adding the most value to your home. Fiber cement siding, for example, can give you a return of $12,000, while vinyl isn’t far behind at $10,000. However, installing energy-efficient windows is right up there with a return of between $9,684 and $12,433. Less Maintenance One of the most impressive properties that new materials demonstrate is how easy they are to maintain. When you install new siding, you won’t need to worry about painting your house again. The most you’ll need to do is use a power washer on it to get rid of dirt and mold spores. Most siding options last between 20 and 30 years. And like maintenance-free siding siding, most replacement windows won’t need to be repainted, and many won’t need to be re-caulked any time soon, either. Most models are particularly nice because they allow you to tilt the glass inwards when you need to clean the outer surface. Energy Savings The most attractive feature updating your exterior offers is how much energy you can save.  Depending on which product you choose siding replacement can save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills for years to come. Eventually, these savings offset the initial expense of installation. New windows will save you the most money, because they eliminate drafts and cold spots, which would otherwise make your air conditioner or furnace work harder. More Benefits New siding and windows also increase your curb appeal, which is great when you’re getting ready to sell soon. They also protect your home better from invaders, whether they’re water, insects or a burglar. These are only a few of the benefits replacing your windows and siding will give you.  If you've got questions about exterior home improvements, give us a call.  We've been helping homeowners in the Twin Cities protect their homes, add value, and save money for over 30 years.