Part of getting a new roof is collecting estimates from Minnesota roofing contractors. Although there are companies which offer estimates over the phone, it’s best to get it in writing, so everyone is clear about prices and other details. There are a few more parts of the estimate that need to be included as well.

What’s In a Roofing Estimate? As you talk to roofing companies, make sure they include the following key details in their estimates.
  • Materials:  Each estimate should have a detailed list of the materials used on the roof. This includes the type of protection membrane used, flashings, vents and the type as well as color as roofing materials. This factor is the biggest one involved in the final cost of the roof.
  • Season:  The season in which the work is carried out can have an effect on the final price as well. You may be able to save some money if the company offers discounts on jobs completed in the winter or spring.
  • Labor:  Ask about what kind of installation methods the company uses and estimated man hours involved. Remember to include how long it’ll take to remove old materials and how much potential overtime will cost.
  • Timeline:  In order to avoid the possibility of leaving your roof vulnerable while the crew is off on another job, ensure that you get the company to estimate uninterrupted start and finish dates. Having this in writing will help get your roof finished in a more timely manner.
  • Property Protection Concerns:  A reputable roofing company will outline the condition of your property before they start and indicate protective measures they’ll take. This would include covering and protecting your landscaping.  It’s also a good idea to agree on what kind of clean-up responsibilities the contractor has after the installation is done.
  • Warranties and Guarantees: Ask about the types of guarantees and warranties they offer. Manufacturer's warranties are separate from what might be offered by the contractor.  Ask about both so you're clear on what you'll get.  Different types of roofs last longer than others. For example, a steel roof will last longer than one made out of asphalt. These should be included in the estimate, too.
Getting all of this information before making your final choice will ensure you get the roof you want without unpleasant surprises afterwards.  After over 30 years offering roof repair and installation in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, we've learned that taking good care of our customers up front is the most important part of a successful roofing job.