Here in Minnesota, remodeling season usually coincides with our entirely too-short spring and summer months. Since time is so short and you've got a lot of competition out there looking for a reliable contractor, figuring out who will be doing your renovations can be a tricky task, but these four pointers should help.  Better Business Bureau Although the BBB is a good place to check for past problems, it’s not the only place you should look. The problem with this organization is that they only publish cases which have already been thoroughly investigated and resolved. This means that questionable contractors could still be doing business while a case is in progress, and you’d have no way of knowing it. There are also contractors who do substandard work but have never had a case brought against them. Lowest Price Isn’t Always Best Saving money from the start is always tempting, but you need to remember that there’s a reason why some contractors charge such small fees. Often a bid that's substantially below what other contractors would charge means that shortcuts are being taken and things are left out to save the company money, which will eventually translate into expensive repair bills for you. Although not all deals are indications of poor quality, many companies which undercut their competition provide less than ideal service with sub-par materials. DIY We all want to save money, and shows on TV make projects like replacing your gutters deceptively simple. Unfortunately, many of those jobs end up being more complicated than you’d originally thought and you could end up spending more money to bring a professional in to fix mistakes. Experience Remember that because a contractor has a lot of experience doesn’t mean that they are able to provide you with what you want. Although time in business is important,  how long a company has been around isn’t the only important factor. Do your homework, and find a contractor you’re comfortable with before moving forward with any projects.  Find out just how much experience they have with projects like the one you're considering. As you're looking around for an exterior home improvement contractor, don't overlook us here at Quarve.  We've been around for 30 years, and we've got the customer reviews to back up our commitment to great service and workmanship.