Every year, the Twin Cities get hit by nasty storms full of high winds, which can do all sorts of damage to your home. The occasional tornado doesn’t have to hit in order for storms to rip tiles from your roof and cause other damage.

jl0725e5 Photo - NOAA

What Wind Damage Does Regardless of how resistant a roof is to storm damage, any roof can be damaged by powerful enough winds. Whether they’re straight line or have the spin of a tornado, winds can remove, loosen bend or loosen tiles and other roofing materials. They might even loosen the roof itself, if they’re strong enough. The debris the storm pummels your house with can also do a lot of damage. Even mild storm damage could possibly lead to water damage, since rain can get in through cracks or under damaged tile. How to Spot and Prevent It You can spot obvious damage, like cracked materials or missing singles, from the ground. However, if the storm was bad enough, or you suspect damage you can’t see, call in a roofing contractor to inspect your roof. Some damage can only be seen from on the roof with a trained eye. Once the roofing professional has finished the inspection, you'll get a recommendation on whether your roof needs to be replaced or a repair is sufficient.

The best way to prevent storm damage is to ensure your roof is strong enough to withstand high winds and what they carry. If you have an old roof, the best way to do that is to install a newer, more updated model. Although wine gets better with age, your roof doesn’t. Replacing an old roof will help prevent damage from yearly Minnesota storms.

If your roof has suffered from in this year’s storms, we can help. Quarve Contracting is an experienced storm damage repair expert for the Twin Cities.