Minnesota summers are great for spending time outside, but they’re also ideal for completing those exterior remodeling projects, like replacing your siding, too. When looking at materials for your new siding, take a look at the advantages seamless steel siding can offer you.

Tough Steel siding can last over twenty years, and perhaps the life of your home, when it’s properly cared for. It endures the dramatic changes in temperature our state goes through every year with minimal expansion and contraction, plus it withstands the windy summer storms as well as the blustery snow storms in the winter. When you combine the sturdy steel base, which prevents vibration, sagging and rippling, with the vinyl coating, which protects against termites, bugs, ants, mildew and mold, you have a great siding that will protect your home for years to come. This all leads to lower risk of water damage to underlying materials and less stress for you.  Customizable This easy to maintain siding is also fully customizable. Your siding contractor will take your home’s measurements, so each piece of siding can be cut to cover each exterior wall as exactly as possible. This maximizes both the protective nature of the siding and ensures it’s as energy efficient as possible. Your new siding can be made in a huge variety of colors, and molded to mimic most styles, including wood grain. This makes it a great choice for anyone who has a specific look in mind. 

Because it’s so tough, steel siding needs minimal maintenance, and you’ll still save money because you won’t need to replace it often, if at all. It’s also very energy efficient, so you’ll see lower monthly bills for heating and cooling, as well.

When looking for an energy efficient, beautiful and long lasting siding option, seamless steel siding is the best way to go.  Quarve is a proud installer of steel siding from United States Seamless.