One of the most important lines of defense against water damage for your home are your gutters. They redirect water away from your home, and protects your home’s exterior as well as landscaping in the process. They also stop ground erosion and may keep insects out of your basement.

Watch For Damage jl0725d4The best way to keep your gutters healthy is to clean them regularly. Part of that process is checking them for damage. The best time to do this is in the spring and summer months, when the weather makes it comfortable to work outside. To check for damage, either wait for rain or spray water onto your roof, and watch as it goes through the gutters.

Since they take a beating from ice, snow, tree limbs and even squirrels, you might notice them overflowing in spots, leaking or water pooling in areas where there’s a clog. When that pooling happens, you’ll know your home is at a greater risk for water damage in the attic or between the layers of siding.

Fixes for Common Problems One problem you may notice is that your gutters are actually pulling away from your home. You can either fix this problem by simply pounding the nail originally holding them up back in place, or replacing it with a larger nail. You can also move it to a stronger area, so it’ll hold better in the future. If you notice holes, all you’ll need is roofing cement and a patch made from the same material as your gutters, but slightly bigger than the hole. After cleaning the area, use the roofing cement to secure the patch in place.

If the damage is too bad, it’s time to replace your gutters. Quarve Contracting installs high quality rain handling systems by United States Seamless, which will help you solve existing problems and can prevent them in the future.