In the market to save some money? Look into an eco-friendly roofing option that not only will cost you less in the beginning, but can continue to save you money throughout the year. Shingle roofing tends to be a more common choice of homeowners throughout the United States; however metal, clay tile, and even slate can be more eco-friendly choices. The benefits? There are many to look into. Steel roofing on home is one of the more popular choices for Minnesota homes.

Steel Roofing Benefits
  • Lightweight, which makes them easy to ship and easy to install by a qualified Minneapolis area roof contractor like Quarve Contracting
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Any installation scraps are recyclable
  • Limits the environmental footprint left from shipping, materials, labor, and so on
  • Are more reflective than shingle roofs which can keep the heat and cold air in, depending on the month
In addition to steel roofing benefits, you can also get benefits for your home through slate and clay tile. Clay tile is best in those areas where storms are common since they are durable and can withstand harsh weather. They are natural, recyclable, and energy-efficient. Slate roofing is durable so you can save money on those maintenance bills that you might have with shingles.  However, both slate and tile roofing are expensive in comparison to other roofing materials.  They also require a specialty roofing contractor, since many roofing companies don't have the expertise to install these materials.  Also, both of these roofing products are much heavier than steel.  Check to make sure your home's underlying roof structure can handle the added weight before choosing slate or tile.

At Quarve, we install steel and metal roofs. We install a variety of steel roofing profiles - some looks like slate or tile. Our roofing crews are committed to providing the best metal roofs for Minnesota homes.