When it comes to roofing, numerous homeowners believe that asphalt is the way to go when it comes to being the most inexpensive material. It is when it comes to the up-front cost, but it is not the best to hold up through the severe weather we get here in the Twin Cities.  Much asphalt roofing as an expected life of only 10-15 years, which means in that a very short time it needs to be replaced. On top of this, it may have to be replaced earlier if the weather has been bad or having to replace shingles that seem to go missing after strong winds. There are many reasons why homeowners are ditching the asphalt and going with a metal roof installation in Minneapolis. Metal roofs are becoming more common due to the fact that they are more energy-efficient, have more strength and durability, as well as so many other benefits. Quarve is a leader when it comes to roof installation throughout Minneapolis. Not only do we install roofs of all kinds, including metal, but we can also do many other around the home things that need to be done. We provide only the highest in quality materials for each of our clients. The metal roofs that we offer are name brand, high quality, and will hold up to just about any weather conditions that might come your way. If you invest in the cost of a metal roof, it might be the last roof you will ever have to purchase for the home that you own. Not only that, but a metal roof can increase your home's resale value by 1% - 6% compared to homes with asphalt roofs. You will get over half of what you spend on the roof back in your pocket.

Metal is also an extremely green roofing option in addition to its other benefits. Not only is it a material that last a long time so there is no need to throw anything out, but it can be recycled and re-purposed. It saves money on heating and cooling and is the number one green option for a roof.

Add beauty and value to the home that you own when you choose from one of the many different styles and colors of metal roofs that we offer. If you have any questions regarding metal roofing, you can ask us here at Quarve. We know everything there is know about roofing, and can install steel roofing from Kassel & Irons, as well as other high quality, well-known roofing brands.