ag0828f6When it comes to the rebound throughout the housing market in Minnesota, a lot of homeowners are opening their wallets to investing in renovations throughout their homes to improve the value of resale in the increasing market. The common thought is that if you expand a kitchen, upgrade a bathroom, or even furnish a basement that the value will rise however, not all of these home renovation projects will boost the overall value of your home. Look into these home improvement tips on increasing the resale value of your home, even if you're not planning on selling in the immediate future.  It's always a good thing to factor in resale value whenever you plan a home improvement project. Home Improvements - Do They Add Value or Not?
  • Do not overdo it. You can add small things to up the value of the home such as cabinets or appliances that might have been outdated before. You should not however, go above and beyond the current status of the other homes in the area selling for the same price. You will not be able to gather your money back when they check out the prices of the other homes in the area. So try to keep costs around a minimum.
  • Consider all of the potential buyers.  One big thing to think about as an example here is installing a pool. It might be a nice thought, but it could also make the home harder to sell in the long run since, everyone is different. This means you might not be able to get your money back on that investment. The same thing can be thought about other large investments put into the home such as a second garage. If the buyers do not have a need for it and do not want to do the upkeep, they will not want the home.
  • Avoid taking square footage risks.  One of the biggest returns that you can make on a home is adding another room onto it by expanding to larger than the original floor plan. However, those projects that require tearing down walls, moving doors and windows, and more lengthy procedures that cost more can be done easier by turning part of the attic into a bedroom instead. Those projects that are more expensive tend to be the ones that are less likely to get money back on.
  • Consider the cost to value. You can determine whether or not the project is going to be worth it is by estimating how much of the money you spend on the project will be recovered when you resell your home. If you side the home with a siding contractor in Minneapolis for $1000, but it only adds $500 to the resale, then you are making a 50% return. However, siding and windows can provide some of the best resale value when it comes to adding something new.
  • Repairs on the home vs. the curb appeal.  Having a bigger master bedroom might be something you think is a good investment, but it might not be if you have a leaky roof. By just replacing the front door on the home, you're able to make the home more welcoming and appealing to buyers. (Quarve can install these new doors for you.)
Quarve is a full-service exterior remodeling contractor that offers quality home improvement services such as siding, roofing,  and replacement windows and doors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  If you've got questions about adding value to your home, give us a call.