If you've already read Part 1 of this series, you should have an idea of some of the home maintenance myths that are out there. Be aware of some of the items throughout your home that seem to require minimum to no maintenance at all - this is a  big myth. You may find that you're neglecting a lot of important things just because you thought this was true.

Often-Overlooked Home Maintenance Items
  • Heating and air conditioning units – you should always make sure to replace the filters on these systems once a month. They should also be checked annually by an expert in the HVAC industry to ensure they are functioning correctly at full speed. You shouldn't even wait until it becomes cold, make sure to do it right away. This also goes for window air conditioners.
  • Refrigerators – You're able to increase the efficiency of your fridge by up to 20 percent by just vacuuming out the coils in the back. If you have an Energy Star model, you're able to save even more money.
  • Vents and fans – Any type of fan can grab dust, dirt, grime and debris, so it is important that these areas get cleaned out. It will cost more to run clogged vents and fans since they will run harder. It can also cause a fire if it is too backed up.  This includes fans on the exhaust vent over your stove.
  • Oil tank – You should have your oil tank cleaned out once a year since a lot of grime builds up at the bottom. This makes the tank less efficient and can cause the line to back up. This would be a bad thing if it shut down and wouldn't work in the middle of winter. The same goes for the hot water tank in the home. Drain and clean it once a year to remove build up.
  • Washing machine fill hoses – You should always check the hoses once a year to look for cracks and breaks. If they break while running the washer, it can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. You should also know where the shut-offs are for the hoses just in case something was to happen.
  • Gutters – Make sure to clean the gutters every year. Some people have guards on their gutters; this catches most stuff but not all of it. It can cause damage to the outside and the inside of your home if they are not properly cared for.  Even if you've got a leaf barrier product installed, your gutters probably still could use a good cleaning before winter.  And don't forget to flush the downspouts.
  • Decks – Make sure that the fasteners and attachments have no pulled from your home and become rusted. This can be done by checking underneath the deck itself. The deck should be secure. Call a MN general contractor to come over if you're not comfortable doing this.
  • Utility bills – You should always make sure to keep a close eye on how much the utility bills change from month to month. If they change drastically, there could be something going on somewhere throughout the home. The bills can tell you something you might have overlooked.  If you're alarmed about what you're paying out each month for heating and cooling, we can suggest some energy-efficient home improvement solutions to cut those expenses.
Having neglected maintenance issues is just money down the drain if you're able to prevent them. Speak with the MN general home improvement contractors at Quarve to find out what we can do for the exterior of your home.  We offer low-maintenance and nearly maintenance-free options for roofing, siding, and windows.   For over 30 years we've been helping St. Paul/Minneapolis residents protect and improve their homes and businesses, and we can help you, too..  Give us a call.