There is nothing more important that a home's exterior for protection, beauty and even longevity. The siding and roof of a home do more than provide a structure – they are the most important parts to your home's energy-efficiency, comfort and style. For the upcoming fall months, you can contact a James Hardie siding contractor in Minneapolis to find out how they can boost the appeal of the outside of your home with fiber-cement siding and even metal roofing, both great choices for homeowners seeking environmentally-friendly building products.

Quarve Contracting has been providing high quality, attractive, energy-efficient roofing for the homes in the area for many years.  Metal roofing is a step up from the most commonly-used material, shingle roofing. A metal roof is able to last for decades instead of years. They are also resistant to fire, wind, ice, and even any mold.   You're able to choose from a wide assortment of colors to match the décor of the home so you can choose a style that matches your home. Metal are also great for the environment since they do not have to keep being replaced; most metal roofs will outlive the homeowner.  Plus, this roofing incorporates recycled metal, and the construction scrap and even the roof itself are then again recyclable.

Quarve also offers eco-friendly siding - fiber cement siding made by James Hardie. This siding provides the right curb appeal, longevity, and style that your home needs. There is also very little maintenance involved with this siding. No matter what the weather conditions are, the siding is able to stand up to them.  Choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors, as well as those that mimic other siding options such as wood planks. James Hardie siding offers ColorPlus technology that provides color matching, fade resistance, and longevity to the siding of your home.

Looking for green exterior home remodeling solutions?  You're able to get beautiful James Hardie siding, a metal roof, and just about anything else done to the exterior of your home when you contact Quarve. They install fiber-cement siding that comes from James Hardie and steel roofing from Kassel & Irons. They are a James Hardie siding contractor MN that believes in environmentally-friendly home remodeling solutions.