One of the main reasons people in Minneapolis and St. Paul replace their windows is to improve energy efficiency.  Older homes usually have single-pane glass windows, and choosing a window with double-pane glass is a substantial improvement.  But just because a window is double-paned, it doesn't mean it is the most energy-efficient since not all glass panes in windows are the same. However, a double-pane window is the next best thing to a single-paned window to increase insulation.

Just a double-pane window by itself will not keep heat in during the winter and heat out in the summer.  If you're looking to reduce your energy use, look for windows with Low-E glass.  Low-E glass windows are able to provide energy efficiency each and every day of the year.  They are double-paned but also have a special type of glass.

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Low-E glass is also known as low-emissivity glass. It has selective coatings that are applied to it to allow only certain types of wavelengths of the sun to pass through and enter your home. It then restricts other types from entering at all. Ultraviolet light is what is responsible for warming the surface of items it touches, it can also cause fading in fabric, wood, and other surfaces.

Low-E glass is clear and light and does not resemble dark tinted glass from years ago. The film placed on the glass is very fine, so find that it is close to impossible to see it. It is clear so the sunlight will still be able to come in the home for natural lighting, but without the harmful UV rays. This leaves home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Since it is double-paned, it provides a boost in energy savings.

These differences can make a large difference in the amount that you pay on your energy bill. The higher the R-value is on the window, the more insulating it is to the home. Consider choosing these types of windows for your replacement windows in St. Paul/Mpls.

You should choose the low E-glass windows that work with your climate since not all low-E windows are the same. There are four different climate zones throughout the United States, Energy Star provides the information on specific areas and the types of windows needed in each of them. You can speak to the Minneapolis window company for more information regarding low-E glass windows installed in your home.

Here, at Quarve, we install quality replacement windows from Anderson, with energy-efficient features such as Low-E glass. We are a leader in replacement windows installation in the St. Paul/Mpls area.