Always make sure to follow directions when it comes to roofing repairs and maintenance.  Part of roof upkeep is regular inspections.  They should be done annually, which means you will be able to weed out any problems that you might come across before major damage occurs.  If the problem is too big, or you're not fond of DIY home repair, you may want to call in a MN roofing contractor to fix the roof problem you're having. And if you clean and inspect your roof regularly, it is less likely to have many problems throughout the year.

Check These Regularly
  • The end of fall is usually the best time to clean your roof when temperatures are a bit cooler, there is no snow and less rain.
  • Avoid leaks when you check to make sure the flashing under the shingles or tiles is still in place.
  • If there are missing or improperly installed nails on the roof, they should be fixed right away.
  • Spray off any moss that you may find on the roof; this can lead to future problems if it is not taken care of right away.
Different Methods Depending on the type of roof that you have, you will need to repair it a specific way.
  • Metal roofing usually needs little to no repairs, but it does need to be swept and kept clean to ensure that nothing major happens.
  • Shingled roofing needs more repairs usually throughout the year. You can spot the discoloration and broken shingles easily.
  • If you own a flat roof, always check for pools of water. If you find them, dry them up with a rag or towel immediately. You do not want the water to pool there for too long.
Catch roof problems this fall and get them repaired before winter storms cause major damage. Call the customer satisfaction experts at Quarve to get more help with any roof repairs or replacing that you may need done.  Minneapolis winters can be tough on a home, so make sure you're ready to go by having your roof inspected now.