It's time for fall home maintenance, a necessary task in keeping your home secure and protected.  Upkeep and inspection of your rain-handling system should be done at this time.  The downspouts and gutters of your home work hard to protect the outside of the home from moisture. If the gutters are leaking and there are blocks in the downspouts, water is able to spill out over the side and accumulate in the foundation which soaks the soil. The foundation walls will then settle. Bulging and cracking in the basement is also possible as a result of this.

Keeping the downspouts and gutters in good condition requires you to go through regular maintenance. It is worth spending a bit of time on it twice a year – in the fall and in the spring.

Gutter Cleaning Steps
  • Do not use a hose to clean out the debris; it could cause further clogging
  • Remove any goo that might have built up from the dirt, water and shingles
  • Use a gloved hand to scoop out sticks, leaves, seeds and needles
  • Ensure that the gutters are in a position to drain properly
If you discover problems along the way, schedule an inspection by a professional MN gutter company such as Quarve Contracting. Fix the Leaks

Use silicone sealer to fix all of the leaks. Patches that you find to fix them are temporary fixes and will not stay on. If there are rust holes throughout the gutters, they should be replaced.

Replacing Gutters

Steel gutters tend to perform better than vinyl or aluminum. Aluminum shifts when the weather shifts which causes the screws and nails in the gutter to move and loosen. Vinyl only comes in ten-foot lengths, which leaves a lot of seals. Here at Quarve, we install steel seemless gutters that provide excellence on any home.

Safety Tip

Usually if you have to clean out the gutters, you have to use a ladder. Always make sure you keep your safety in mind while doing so. You shouldn't stretch off the ladder to clean or repair, you might want to have someone down below to hold the ladder. If you have no one, make sure the ladder is firmly placed on the ground. If you're not confident on a ladder, talk with an MN exterior home improvement contractor.

Quarve Contracting is a full-service exterior home improvement contractor.  In addition to our other services, we install and repair gutters.