Now that fall has hit the Twin Cities, it's time to prepare for the severe weather our winters often bring.  Any Minnesota season that brings harsh weather with it can leave devastating damages to the exterior of your home. This leaves siding, window, and roof repairs to take care of. As a homeowner, it is important for you to be aware of common winter roof problems and take the necessary action needed to correct the problem. This saves you time, money, and damage done to your roof.

Problem – Flashing or Drain Leakage There are main locations where roofs can leak.
  • Slopes – After a storm, you might notice leaks in the roof or flashing. If these were improperly installed or there were high winds, it can become undone. Get an inspection done prior to winter to find out some of the weaker areas on the roof. You can then replace and repair these areas prior to the damage being done.
  • Flat – Drains usually leak on flat roofs. Drains that are not maintained will leak, if it is clogged, it will not drain at a normal pace. This slowing down of the rain water can leave leaks to happen. Inspections should be done twice a month or per month to prevent clogs and other problems.
Problem – Water Damage in the Structure

Any ice built up on the top of the roof or snowstorms that bring heavy snow will keep the home from heating up efficiently. It can also cause damage to the parts of the roof such as the trusses and shingles. You can consider installing an attic ventilation system from a qualified roof installation company. This reduces condensation and prevents ice and snow from sitting on the roof.

Problem – Ice Damming

When there is an accumulation of ice and snow in the gutters and along the edges of the roof, the water that melts is not going to be able to drain properly. When the water backs up, it then seeps to different areas throughout the roof. It can penetrate everything – the shingles, walls, and ceilings.   There are many suggested solutions for ice dams, but the best thing to do is to call an ice dam removal expert, because you could inadvertently cause more damage to your roof if you're not experienced.

Being aware of these problems and maintaining your roof is all that is needed to ensure that a drastic roof disaster does not occur. With a little roof repair in MN for the problems that you find, you're able to avoid large, costly ones after the storm blows through. At Quarve, we are qualified to provide these inspections, repairs and replacements for the life of your roof.  We also handle ice dam removal.