Seamless siding can be used to cover the exterior of homes and buildings. It is not like traditional siding where it is pieced together, but rather is a continuous sheet of material. This lack of seams means the material is able to seal out any insects, rain or wind. Any type of traditional siding would overlap and provide gaps where rain, moisture, bugs, rodents and many other problems could burrow into. Seamless siding is available in either vinyl or metal, but seamless metal siding is much more durable than vinyl.  Here are some basics:

  • Seamless siding does require a professional to install it to your home.  The siding is packed in rolls and then cut at the job site by professionals that also install the siding for you.
  • Different profiles are available - it can even be obtained in log, brick and wood designs.
  • Seamless siding provides a uniform appearance to the structure.   The material is cut into the exact length of the home to provide the right coverage minus overlaps or gaps. This is a unique and custom fit for your home.  There may be a patchwork type of appearance that comes along with traditional siding installation; seamless siding is more durable due to this.
  • Seamless steel siding will not break, crack or even rust.
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