Gutter maintenance may seem like a fairly mundane and minor thing, but keeping your rain-handling system in good working order is crucial to your home's physical condition.  The gutters on your home should be cleaned twice a year. This can be done in the fall and spring seasons. Do it later in fall once the leaves have all fallen of the trees; otherwise you'll either have to do it again or you'll miss some of the gutter clog culprits.

Any debris such as leaves might have encrusted themselves to the gutter and you may have to wait until they are wet to remove them completely. Use a hose to remove them, but ensure that you're not packing them into the gutters since this can cause drainage problems. You're able to pick out the small twigs with your hand or a light blower. Check for any dents, holes, sagging, leaking, corrosion or other problems within the gutters – they will need to be addressed immediately. Mark them using painter's tape for later reference.

Clean around the downspout area first and then gently flush out the gutters by using a hose. This will show whether or not your gutters are actually draining or just pooling the water at the top. If they hold the water, this could lead to long time problems if not corrected. Bend the hangers of the gutters to ensure the proper water flow throughout. The right angle might be all you need to correct the issue.

Hangers are also one of the common items on gutters that need to be replaced. Check out the nails inside the gutters if you find that they are hanging from the home. Simple nails can fix this problem, if the nails do not hold – try screws. If the gutter still droops after the new nails or screws are placed, the gutters may be under a lot of pressure or have weight inside them holding them down.

You should work from the bottom up to remove debris that are clogging your gutters. If you're unable to unpack the debris within, place a hose at the bottom and spray water up the gutter to see if the water is coming out of the top. You can even use a plumber's snake to get the debris free from inside the gutter.

If you notice rust on the gutter or inside the gutter, you should find out if it is eating right through the gutter. You will want to ensure that you replace this part of the gutter. If it is just surface rust, you will be able to remove it by sanding away at it. If it continues to go into the part, the rust has already gone through the gutter –it's time to have a professional replace it.

Nests that birds make can become a problem when it comes to clogging the gutters. You will want to remove the nest and clean out the area, then just by tying a rope or cord to the soffit,  you're able to eliminate the problem of the birds coming back. They do not like overhangs above their heads.

Ice damming is a large issue with gutters – especially in the Minneapolis area. Melted snow that freezes on the overhang of the roof can cause a dam. This traps water under shingles and flashing which can then cause leaks to happen. Providing ventilation throughout the attic and the right insulation as well can prevent the ice dams from happening.   Ice dam removal should be handled by a professional since roof damage can occur if you're unsure of what to do.  Quarve can safely remove ice dams for you; we an also install a system to prevent them from reoccurring.

Quarve is able to help you with all of the gutter and roofing needs that you have. We are a roofing contractor and exterior home improvement company in the Minneapolis area that understands the importance of clean gutters. Contact our Minneapolis/St. Paul gutter company for more information regarding repair of your gutters before winter arrives.  No gutters?  You've still got time to get them installed before the snow flies!  We offer seamless gutters.