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Does your St. Paul area home have a flat roof?  Some homes around the Twin Cities do - especially those with a design similar to the home shown in this photo.  Other homes may have a section of flat roofing over a porch or addition. Dealing with flat roofs is somewhat different than those which are pitched.

There are many roofing profiles, but flat roofs are perhaps the least understood.  Flat roofing is put on a lot of low sloped structures, and they can come with their share of problems just like any other roof. They are a simpler design compared to pitched shingle, metal and slate styles.  However, they can still suffer from leaks, damage, flashing issues and seal problems which would need to be addressed by a St. Paul roofing company experienced in flat roof repair before the problem becomes much larger.

Tips for Maintaining Your Flat Roof

1. Always get your roof inspected annually – You should always consult with an expert on the roof to learn more about what you can do and what needs to be done. You can assess the extent of your damage this way and contact a qualified St. Paul roofing company to come do the job for you.  It's also a good idea to arrange for a roof inspection after severe weather such as a heavy hailstorm.

2. Regular maintenance on the roof is essential – You should always remove snow build-up, as well as any ice dams that might have been created. These can block the drains and gutters which can then lead to flashing damage and leaks. If you find cracks in the sheathing, this should be repaired right away since leaks can come into the attic and seep into the walls over time which leads to mold and other structural problems.

3. Hire a professional St. Paul roofing company for your flat roof repairs and maintenance – Have regular maintenance done on your roof by a professional.  We are able to handle any small or large problem that might arise once you find out what the problem is.

Roofing repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul is not a problem for us here at Quarve. We are qualified professionals with many years in the roofing industry. We take pride in the roofing and siding materials that we provide to all of our customers.  If you've got a flat roof that needs some attention before winter, give us a call today.