Cool temps here in the Twin Cities mean we've switched from air conditioners to furnaces.  Almost all homeowners have felt the surge in their cooling and heating bills this year. This can be troubling as winter rolls upon us and you know you will have to heat your home once again. The roof might be the first place to start when it comes to saving more money on your energy bills and keeping the heat inside your home instead of out in the open where it is doing no good.

The Right Roof Can Help Save On Heating and Cooling Bills

Many different factors can affect how your roof is able to protect your home from extreme heat.
  • The color of your roof can make a difference. The darker the roof is, the more heat is going to be transferred to the inside of the home. You should add a cooling coat to the roof to make the roof more reflective and decrease the retention of heat.
  • The age and overall condition of the roof contribute to energy use.  If your roof is old and deteriorating, adding the cool coat is not going to work in this case;  you might want to just replace the whole roof. You can go with a more energy-efficient option when you replace the roof such as a metal roof.
  • Both replacing the roof and adding the cooling coat are just part of the solution.  Making sure your roof is energy-efficient is important, but there are other things to check as well.  For instance, check out the insulation throughout the home. You want to make sure there is adequate insulation throughout the home since this means the heat or cool air from inside the home is going right through the walls. Consult an expert on how much or little insulation should be within the walls.
Here at Quarve we can provide you with many energy-efficient roofing options since we are a top St. Paul roofing contractor specializing in green remodeling. Never worry about high energy bills again with a new or updated roofing system put on your home.  Give us a call today to discuss the options.