Home repair - you know it needs to be done, but you don't know where to start.  Nowadays most people do research online.  The internet can lead you all over the place when it comes to quality home repair. Do it yourself, or hire a professional?

Perhaps you're thinking of doing it yourself but you're a little unsure of the outcome. You shouldn't let that stop you from staying on top of your home's condition. Whatever is stopping you, it's time to charge ahead.  Here are some little extras that should be done for home maintenance, and if you're not able to (or not confident enough to) do it yourself, call a home improvement contractor. Negative things can occur when it comes to not keeping up on the maintenance for your home so you need to ensure that you take care of these key points before it is too late and you are shelling out more money than it is worth.

The Gutters Should Be Clog-Free and in Working Order

Gutters are there to move water away from the structure of the home. If they are not able to do this job, then the water pools by the structure, which can lead to a multitude of problems. The gutter can collapse, water can get into the home leaving the structure weak and even cause mold or mildew.

In order to prevent these things from happening, take a few minutes  to clean out the debris from the gutters. Make sure the trough is empty and able to divert the water away from the home. This should be done once a week.

Be on the Lookout For Termites

Sawdust on the floor in the home can mean one thing – termites. You should deal with this problem right away. They will expand and grow to millions if they are not taken care of and continue to eat away at the structure which can leave it weak and in jeopardy.  Termites are not a large problem here in Minnesota, but you shouldn't assume they aren't around; keep an eye out for signs.

Pinpoint and Repair Water Leaks

If there is water pooling somewhere inside the home, then it is time to inspect the area and have it fixed as soon as possible. Water or dampness is able to lead to mold, mildew, rust and even worse. All of these things are no good for any home out there.

Prevent Encroachment of Roots

These are not small roots we are talking about – the problems result from the big ones. These roots can do damage on your home and foundation, which will slowly damage the lines and pipes under your home. All of this is going to occur underground and you might not see bad changes until it is too late.  If you've got trees close to your house or water and gas lines, making sure the roots aren't invading the area is extremely important

If you need some help staying on top of exterior home maintenance, give Quarve a call – we're one of Twin Cities' leading exterior home improvement companies.