At some point in the time of home ownership, the roof on the property is going to have to be replaced. There are a few things that should be considered before moving forward with the change. The finish quality and the price you pay for the roof has a lot to do with the time of the year that you replace it. Being an informed consumer by doing your research on this ahead of time can get you the best results.

Why choose to put a new roof on in the fall, compared to other seasons?

The Heat Is Not An Issue

Fall is a cooler season, so the roof is not going to be overly hot. The cool weather prevents any damages that might occur from the roof being too soft from heat. Asphalt shingles are a roofing material that can be damaged due to hot weather. The heat on the roof can also be hard on roofing installers.  The temperature on a roof can reach over 100°F. This can make the materials soft and easily able to give if someone steps in the wrong spot. There are also concerns about having your roof installed during the winter – even if it does cost a lot less. The shingles on a roof will not be installed flat due to the cold weather. The job could also be shut down if there is a heavy snow storm, leaving your roof exposed to these elements. It drags on the process.  Roofing can be done in the winter if need be (sometimes emergencies leave you no other choice), but fall is optimum.

Fall Roof Installation Means Avoiding Storms and the Rain

Rain and heavy storms are able to impact the installation of a new roof. This is why fall might be a better solution since this is less likely to happen. The weather is mild and usually storm-free during the fall months. If rain does happen to fall during this time, the job might be shut down for a few days, but it will end up starting back up. This allows the workers to quickly and efficiently put on a new roof with minimal obstacles in the way. If the workers are removing old asphalt shingles that are soaked, leaks could be a problem presented. This is why choosing to do this type of project in the fall without the rain storms could be a better solution.

The winter months can be cold and snowy, while the summer months might be rainy and hot – choosing to have your roof installed by a MN roofing contractor in the fall could be the best solution. Speak with us, here at Quarve, to find out how you can have the perfect roof installation before something happens to the old roof you need to have replaced.