If you have home improvement projects, the fall is the best time to tackle them and get them done. Going over the outside areas of your home, such as the exterior trim, is a good place to start. Even if your home is well maintained, homes will usually need to have the exterior trim replaced periodically. Wood boards can split, rot or crack over time from snow, rain, wind or sun. By replacing the old trim with engineered wood composite, steel, vinyl or another low-maintenance product, you're able to make your home look better, perform better and it is an environmentally friendly product.

Your Exterior Trim

Take a few minutes out of your time to check the trim. You should check closely around the windows, doors and the roofline corners. Pay attention for any blistering, peeling paint, warped boards, algae or soft, spongy spots. Always check for termites while you're in the area. While they aren't much of a problem in Minnesota, they can do devastating damage to homes.

Photo - James Hardie Photo - James Hardie

There are many different options available when it comes to replacing the existing trim. Traditional wood trim will look great when it is first put on your home, but it can actually swell and split, and it is prone to many different defects. The other types of trim you could choose include PVC and fiber cement, but they are best left to a professional for proper installation. Exterior trim has evolved throughout the years and today homeowners are able to choose engineered products that can last much longer and provide resistance to termites, rot, moisture and temperature fluctuations that you cannot find in older materials.

Some of the newer low-maintenance trim products resemble real wood, but without the upkeep and drawbacks.  This trim can be used in a wide assortment of places such as in corners, gables, windows, doors, wraps around columns and many others.

It has low maintenance, looks great, can resist a number of things and is also great for the environment. If you're thinking of replacing your trim, you should also consider consulting with a professional siding installation contractor for the job. In Minneapolis, Quarve is able to replace and install new trim on your home to make it look as beautiful as ever.