When it comes to going green, a lot of families are choosing to recycle materials in their homes, limiting the amount of waste they produce and buying food and other items locally and organically. And property owners are considering eco-friendly materials when building and remodeling.  Environmentally-friendly roofing is another thing Minnesota families should be thinking of when it comes to going green at home.

Green roofing is as simple as it gets – you choose an eco-friendly roofing option for your home. At Quarve we specialize in green home improvement solutions, and we highly recommend metal roofing.  Metal is a sustainable, recyclable and incorporates recycled material that is friendly to the environment and can help you save on your energy bills as well.

A Metal Roof Helps You Be Less Wasteful

When you choose to install a recycled metal roof onto the top of your home, you're creating less waste during installation and in the future. A coated steel roof is able to be fitted directly over the existing roof. This eliminates the process of having to remove the damaged shingles or tiles from your old roof. This prevents a lot of these materials from entering into landfills.

Metal Roofs are Energy-Efficient Choices for Minneapolis Homes

Green roofing is able to save you money when it comes to your monthly heating and cooling bills. The surface of a metal roof is reflective so it does not absorb the heat into the home. The heat reduction also reduces the risks that come with heat induced damage to the material on the roof. Metal roofing also saves you repair costs for the long term since it only requires little maintenance throughout the years. You can even deduct some savings from your taxes when you install a new metal roof since it is energy efficient.

Quarve is one of the Twin Cities' leading roofing companies; we install a variety of roofing products, including steel and other types of metal roofing.  If you're looking to green up your home, give us a call today.